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Captain John Trattles

John Trattles born in 1878 in Staithes, went to sea in 1897, with the intetion of making his career in the Merchant Navy. His career was cloudedissues relating to possible colour blindness. For a period of 6 years there was controversy in the government because of conflicting outcomes of eyetests from many specialists, however eventually it was concluded that MrTrattles had no visual defect that would affect his chosen career. It is saidthat the Trattles case blew open the whole matter of colour vision and it remained remarkably open ever since.
For further information read “A Statue to Mr Trattles” by C.L.Boltz

“Mr Trattles was a ‘modest, perplexed, brown-eyed sailor of thirty-one"

Francis Trattles

Henry Trattle was Mayor of Newport in both 1781 and 1789; William Clarke and William Carter
were mainland Quakers. The Trattles were a well known and long established Island family.
It is generally assumed that nearly a hundred and fifty years earlier it was the young
daughter of a Trattle who presented Charles I with a rose as he rode through Newport to
sign the Treaty of Newport. The incident was preserved in a painting by a French artist
some years later.
Source: Patrick A Nott - History of the last 350 years of the Isle of Wight

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